"From rats nest to control system."


"We stuck around and
made sure it worked."


"Worried yours doesn't work?"


"Worried about being violated?"


"Cheating on your standards?"


"SCADA - The definition of insanity."


Charles Drobny Jr., President and CEO

Our Story

“Our solutions are created in your field, for your field. Our teams will work with you to identify your needs and the obstacles you face, and then create a customized solution to respond to each of your challenges. This is our story and the basis of our continued success.” Continue reading…

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Your Challenges, Your Field, Our Solutions.

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28 Nov 2016

It’s not about the ROI. It’s about the WOW.

Customers are always in search of a better solution, method, process or price. Most always they feel they know what’s available be it technology, technique or testimony. So to find better they need to find something different – what they did not know about before. When we look for stuff to buy we search for[…..]

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11 Nov 2016

It Should Never Get Easy

How to handle a poor performer who has to go . . . Insure that any employee who fails to meet expectations is advised at the earliest opportunity what they failed or how they fell short Share your observation of shortcoming or failure with HR and if appropriate another manager Record your observations about performance[…..]

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19 Oct 2016

It’s Transformational – Do It Now

Drone technology has come alive nearly overnight. If you want a paradigm shifting view of how fast, controllable and video capable these new tools can be, watch this: It’s a quick leap to realize that when applied to commercial use for inspection, observation and close up analysis – these tools will be transformational. How[…..]

Now, JB has renewed confidence in his equipment and rests assured.